2020/2021 Season Rundown


2019/2020 Season Rundown

Season 4 (Ibadan)

Ibadan gamers were on top of their game as the contest was on point and all the contestants came prepared. David Sotex emerged as the winner and took home the star prize.

Season 5 (Abuja)

Contestants showed up as early as 7 am and even helped set up the venue, some made jokes while others just chatted and made friends but when it was game time, no hostages were taken. Zubairu Zubairu was victorious leaving behind a dust of unsettled scores.

Season 6 (PHC)

PortHarcourt was a different story, the stakes amongst participants were high, some cried, others laughed and in the end Victor was Victorious.

Season 1 (Lagos)

After a tough 16 man tournament, Otis  emerged as champion . He was truly outstanding and it's always fun to watch him play

Season 2 (Lagos)

News about the tournament had gone round in the gaming community and it showed on the number of entries. 

Dox_Ose took the win and eventually went on to become the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS holder for the longest gaming hours in the world

Season 3 (Lagos)

The contestants came prepared to battle, the game plays were similar to the el-Classico, the formations were out of the box, the score lines simply mindblowing and above all Imaji Faruna a former contestant came out on top and walked away with the star prize.