Terms and conditions

Name of competition




NEXT CASH and CARRY, Behind Pabod Brewery, Oginigba Trans Amadi Port Harcourt

Nature of competition

Game console competition (offline)


Entry portal


Entry conditions

  • Entrants must be 15 years of age or over.

  • Winner must be able to take the prize on Saturday 7th December at the venue or come over to the corporate head office to receive the prize

  • Entrants must pass all screening measures at the venue of the event to be able to participate.

  • LG reserves the right to pick and dismiss entrants at will.

  • Entrants are responsible for their own safety at the venue of the event, as LG would not be held liable for any injuries or in the worst-case death of any participant at the venue either actively competing or spectating.


Competition Period

  • The competition begins at 9 am (WAT) on Saturday 7th December 2019

  • Entries into the competition close at 10 am (WAT) on Friday 6th Dec 2019. (only for PHC participants) 

Entry Method

Web entry:

Participants must visit the Website (www.lgoledtvgaming.com) during the Competition Period and fully complete the online entry form in the manner required, including by providing their full name, contact number, social media IDs and other relevant information as required on the website. All valid entries received will be subject to the selection of participants by LG and these selected participants would be notified on Thursday 22nd Nov 2019. Acknowledgment from the contacted participants would be expected before 4 pm the same day without which a selected entrant would be replaced with another entrant, provided they also meet the same criteria.


Maximum Number of Entries

One (1) entry per person during the Competition Period.


Health challenges

LG would not be held liable for ailments or disabilities resulting from competing in the game competition. Sufferers of photosensitive epilepsy and retinal disease are hereby advised not to participate in this competition as there will be exposure to bright flashing light at the venue of the competition



  • LG reserves the right to provide refreshments to participants and spectators of the competition.

  • Entrants and spectators are at liberty to either consume or not consume provided refreshment as LG would not be held liable to health issues arising from the consumption of refreshment items, should they be provided at the venue of the competition


Personal effects

All personal effects of entrants, participants and spectators are at their owner's risk. LG would not be held liable for missing items at the venue of the competition and so everyone is advised to keep their personal effects safe and protected.


Prize Details

See prizes listed on the website.


Travel Terms and Conditions

LG would not be liable for the safety of entrants, participants, and spectators either to the venue or at the venue of the competition. Everyone present must ensure to protect themselves at all times and implement personal safety measures, either before or after the event.


Participation at the event, either actively or passively means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions stated above and have agreed to be held accountable by these terms and conditions.

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